The Quadforge Project

Welcome to the QuadForge Project website! To learn about the specifics of our mission, visit the About page.

The QuadForge project is based out of Montgomery County Community College, and is an integral part of engineering research. The project is almost entirely student run, consisting of a team of students studying at Montgomery County Community College and various other schools across the Philadelphia region.

QuadForge aims to deliver a modular flight platform with numerous real-world applications. With Wifi, 3G, and 4G connectivity; a first person view camera; water repellent nanotechnology; embedded electronics; and other possibilities, products delivered by the QuadForge Project hope to serve many different uses.

Development covers a wide range of disciplines: electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, math, chemistry, and computer science. Additionally, the project is organized around delivering an actual product, meaning that proper documentation and real-world reliability are priorities.

The QuadForge project is almost entirely open source, meaning that much of what we develop can be found on this website (see the Documentation page). For additional information, please feel free to contact us at